Warren Wallo, MS

Consultant / Owner

Warren Wallo is a Research Scientist, trained in Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, the measurement science. Much of his career was focused on skin care research at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. in Skillman, NJ, serving as Director of Scientific Affairs and effectively delivering new claims, innovative research and compelling scientific publications for numerous scientifically-based skin care brands.

After his retirement from J&J Consumer, Warren established Wallo Research and Consulting LLC, and over the past five years, he has helped many clients in the pharmaceutical and consumer products businesses, as well as Captial Equity Firms, assessing potential  acquisitions. He is available for specific consultation opportunities and for collaboration on select research projects.  He has extensive experience with a wide range of products and technologies, including Rx, OTC, cosmetics, color cosmetics as well as toiletry products. 

He has strong relationships with many key opinion leaders and can provide consultation across a wide range of scientific topics, product forms and indications.  He can help to create Advisory Panels with physician experts and is highly effective in moderating these sessions.  Warren is also highly experienced as a spokesperson for individual products, unique technologies and entire brands.  In addition, he is a sought-after technical writer for journal articles related to skin care science and for journal supplements with a technical message.